Cost Savings

Accurate monitoring of OIL and WATER levels in tanks will make trucking of the fluids more efficient and will eliminate hauling mixed loads.

Even if you haul water to your own Disposal Well, you will not have to spend the extra time and money to recover oil that has been dumped into the disposal.

*Savings gained by controlling mixed loads of oil and water if just one less meter of oil is pumped from the tank per load of water using the following scenario.

1 Load of Water per week
x 1 Meter of Oil ( 6.28 Barrels )
x Price per Barrel ( $30.00 )
x Number of Wells ( 10 )

1 x 6.28 x $30.00 x 10 = $1884.00 per Week
Yearly Savings With This Example:
$1884.00 x 52 Weeks = $97,968.00

Make sure your Water Trucks are hauling ONLY WATER and your Oil Trucks are hauling ONLY OIL.


The H2OIL DUAL LEVEL Gauge System will give a continuous and accurate reading of how much oil and water is being produced in the field tank. Monitoring the oil and water will enable the operator to maximize production. The well-head pump speed can be varied accordingly to obtain the best flow rate for the oil.